Hey! It's me, Sage. 
I am the force behind Captured Ever After, and I truly cannot wait to create some memories with you on your day. 

Based in Fort Worth, Texas

Capturing life's little moments, just as they are. 

In High School, I was always the first one to pull out my camera or phone to capture whatever we were doing. It seemed insignificant at the time, but looking back I realize I have been obsessed with capturing special moments since before I can remember. 

Fast forward to now, the little girl in me is screaming with excitement that I now get to do this as a career. 

Creating content is something that has come naturally since I was young. At 6 years old, I was using up all the film in my Grandma's polaroid camera because taking photos fascinated me even then. I remember being 12 years old, and correcting my mom on the lighting and angles when she was taking our Christmas cards (Sorry, Mom). 

No. 1 

Things You Should Know

i am unashamedly obsessed with the Jonas Brothers

No. 2

i was born to live on a farm with tons of animals (one day)

Things You Should Know

No. 3

I am a major foodie and even have a food blog

Things You Should Know

No. 4

my obsession with 'Friends' is strong. I've watched it in it's entirety 20+ times

Things You Should Know

No. 5

My family is everything to me

Things You Should Know